The Amazespace was severly damagged by a land slip due to exceptional rain fall in June 2014.

It is still open to the public on a donation basis to the two remaining environments.

47 Gillies St, Kawakawa - opposite the Hundertwasser Toilet.


Amazespace is as a positivity generator.

The reality failed in Kawakawa


I saw the opportunity to “surf” the location opposite the Hundertwasser designed and built Toilets.

Thousands of people were stopping to experience a world famous building, finding themselves experiencing only half the event, at best a brief stop.


The original plan to build 50 individual landscaped environmental art displays on a hills facing Hundertwasser’s last building just started to gain traction after four years of cash strapped construction when a major disaster struck.


Started in 2009 it was a gamble to undertake such a significant vision with such limited resources.

A series of construction phases were interspaced with running a gift store, café, and sweet shop in an attached store to fund development.


A landslide went through part of the event during one of the largest rain storms in decades. Subsequent local body safety notices closed part most of the event and stop further construction.


While many visitors and locals loved the Amazespace, it has become one of those ides that could have been something.